Unkle Tom Wingert Photo

Williams Grove Speedway,

Mechanicsburg PA              Mother Nature Rears UGLY Head and takes Top Honors in Mitch Smith Memorial

Friday July 5 2019



      After completion of Sprint Engine starts, warm up's for the 410 Sprints and Late Models, a slight drizzle crept over Williams Grove Speedway. At that time the first Late Model Qualifying Heat was on the track. as the slight drizzle started to turn stronger Track Officials pulled the Late Model's off the track to see how the disruption in the program would commence. As the drizzle turned into heavier light rain, Grove Officials attempted to try to wait out The weather Issue.

A Chess match ensued between Grove officials and Mother Nature.

      As the Precipitation grew in intensity Grove Officials were in a Check Mate situation and folded to the tenacity of Mother Nature and the Program was cancelled.


                As Per the Williams Grove "Rain Out Policy" Rain Checks will be Honored for a period of 30 Days

                                                           Williams Grove's Policy Stated Below