The final Friday night in August produced some new faces in Victory Lane at the Spirit Speedway quarter mile as Jay Hartman picked up the win in the Ace Overhead Door Company 600 Micro Sprint feature and Shea Wills earned a career first win in the JR Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprint feature event.  Ryan Davey added another win to his record in the Slingshots while Deanna Cogdill earned a victory in the 250 cc Micro Sprints.  


For Jay Hartman, it was the first trip to Victory Lane since 2015 when Hartman  last won on the Bridgeport quarter mile.  Hartman lined up alongside of Jon Keller as they led the starting line-up to the wave of the green flag.  Hartman grabbed the lead and never looked back, in the flag to flag victory.


Keller raced in second with the exception of lap three when PJ Williams briefly took over the runner-up spot.  Keller took the crossed flags in second by Kyle Spence had the runner-up position before the next lap was scored.  Keller dropped to fourth as Matt Smith also made his way by to take third.


That’s the way they ran as Hartman led the way to the checkered flag over Spence, Smith, Keller and Joe Dopke who raced his way from thirteenth for a top five finish.  Richie Keller, Colin Bustard, Nate Smith, Jermain Godshall and LaVar Scott rounded out the top ten.


By virtue of his third place finish, Matt Smith regained the point lead for the Ace Overhead Door Company 600 Micros.


Shea Wills used his outside pole starting position to propel his No. 07 into the lead in the JR Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro sprint feature.  Current point leader, Alex Swift attempted to take the lead from Wills on several occasions but the caution flag was not Swift’s friend as it negated his efforts time after time.


Wills drove to his first ever win over Swift, Kyle Weiss, Nick Walton and Mike Rutherford.  Luke Fogg, Ken Andreas, Tyler Grau, Sarah Napora and Bobby Butler completed the top ten at the wave of the checkered.


Ryan Davey made it an even half dozen wins as he drove to a flag to flag win in the Slingshot feature event.


Davey led every lap to pick up the “w” over Ryan Harris, Jason Kraycirik, Dave McCullough and Tomas Mowery.


The 250 cc Micro Sprints made another Spirit Speedway appearance.  Deanna Codgill picked up the win over Andrew Locuson and Johnny Trendler.


Action returns to the Spirit Speedway on Friday night for the 270 and 600 Micro Sprints, Slingshots and Mini Late Models.  Racing gets underway at the conclusions of warm-ups.





Friday, August 30, 2019




1. Jay Hartman, 2. Kyle Spence, 3. Matt Smith, 4. Jon Keller, 5. Joe Dopke, 6. Richie Keller, 7. Colin Bustard, 8. Nate Smith, 9. Jermain Godshall, 10. Lavar Scott, 11. Steve Bracall, 12. Gary Bozowski, 13. Mark Landwher, 14. Ed Barber III, 15. Jim Tippin, 16. P.J. Williams, 17. Zach Burgess, 18. Glenn Heverin, 19. Nick Sapp, 20. Mike Rutherford, 21. Geordon Marrero, 22. Wayne Scott, 23. Lee Nardelli, 24. Cody West, DNQ – Kristy Hicks, Sam LaMothe, Charles Cobourn, Chris Locuson, Corey Andersen





1. Shea Wills, 2. Alex Swift, 3. Kyle Weiss, 4. Nick Walton, 5. Mike Rutherford, 6. Luke Fogg, 7. Ken Andreas, 8. Tyler Grau, 9. Sarah Napora, 10. Bobby Butler, 11. Billy Murphy, 12. John Wagner, Jr., 13. R.J. Witcraft, 14. Junior Ramer, 15. Connor Sheffield, 16. Brandon Shipley, 17. Steve Coslop, 18. Tom Landwher





1. Deanna Cogdill, 2. Andrew Locuson, 3. Johnny Trendler, 4. Billy Gray, 5. Scott Phillip, 6. Trevor Wengel, DNS – Jacob Bryon



SLINGSHOTS (20 laps) –


1. Ryan Davey, 2. Ryan Harris, 3. Jason Kraycirik, 4. Dave McCullough, 5. Tomas Mowery, 6. Charles Palmucci, 7. Joseph Hansen, 8. Dave Morrell, 9. Ashley Therien, 10. Tim Franks, 11. Shawn Mowery